Clean slate your fresh 365 days ahead

We have landed in 2014 , 365 days fresh and new , they will only have blotted on them what we choose to put on them. How are you going to color your year ? Will it be full of your priorities ? Will you plan your agenda or others or things & events will do it for you by happenstance ? We are truly in control of our life, we chart the course .
I am so strong on my self of the value of time as I have seen my children grow fast .., loved ones die.., and flowers fade …as well as wrinkles come.
I remember when I was fighting for my life during a year-long fight with cancer …I just wanted my life back …I laid in that hospital bed for too many nights thinking when I’m on the other side of this I will truly treasure each day and live it with only my priorities and not let the enemies of life steal my days .
Live life in lite of your death-bed moment . What will you have wished you did , or the impact or legacy you’d like to have left or the lives you’d like to have touched ? I know it’s extreme – but sometimes we need extreme to stir the complacency of normal.

Lord teach me to number my days so I may develop a heart of wisdom .

If you don’t have a plan for your time you will surely arrive at the end of the year no different from any other year . Of course for some that is fine… But I think I’m speaking to the one who has said enough is enough I want out of the rut , I want to break free from the same old same old and the get on the path to living the life you’ve always wanted.

Lets look at that ….what is the life you’ve always wanted look like to you ?
Lets break it down .
In the area of finances – are you were you’d like to be ? Debt free ? Meeting you’re giving goals ? Investing and saving goals ?

How about fitness ? Are you as active as you’d like to be ? Hitting your strength and weight ideals ? Eating the best for your health ?

How about faith ? Do you have a plan for growth in your spiritual life ? Reading a devotion daily ? Sharing your faith ?

How about friendships ? Are you connected to a group of people you care about ? Are you investing in others in a positive way ?

Beyond those few areas we could have so many and I’m sure you do . So explore your hearts desires for this upcoming year and what you want in your life in 2014 – for some it could be what you need to eliminate in 2014 that is an anchor in your soul .

I want you to clarify and get a clear picture by visualizing what you want the end of 2014 to look like and let’s write that down and get it.

Simply the difference from where you are now and were you want to be is moving from point A to point B is clearly knowing what it is your moving towards .
The days are fresh ahead , they are your to create , you’ve been given the responsibility to use them for good.
Will you write this year ? Will you build this year ? Will you create this year ? What will it be for you ?
If you’re having difficulty narrowing it down , if there are so many things you want to run for , go for the One thing that if you do that all the rest will come .
I recently read a great book on the power of “One Thing” & now reading ” Focus the hidden driver of excellence ” . It’s good to read books that are in alignment with your purposed course.

To simplify :
1) What do you want this year to look like ? Begin with the end in mind. ( Steven Covey ).
2) What will you fill your fresh days with ?
3) Write out your 2014 goal list
4) Visualize yourself achieving these goals
5) Revisit your list daily – weekly – monthly

Make it your year & Live a Life that Matters – your worth it !
– the You

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