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About me …..

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The LIFE Leadership community

So much of what we do is a result of what we’re thinking . As a man thinks in his heart so is he . Life Leadership provides new information to change your results . As Chris Brady’sChris Brady quote rings in my ear .. “You can’t take your same old self into your bright new future “. So as you reflect on your current status in life in the areas of Faith , Family , Finances , Friendships etc. ask your self how am I thinking in these areas. Identify what needs to change and change it ! Action cures all fear – so don’t hesitate . By acting you reinforce to your subconscious mind believing your really going to have change , which then brings hope . Soon your going to see results as you keep applying small daily disciplines that will compound over time . It’s the slight edge effect . I recommend reading that book early in the year to get the compounding effect working for you . ( The Slight Edge – by Jeff Olson ) find it at www.livinggreatly.com Currently our family is doing a book study on it, the effect it has on a teenager is priceless . Image your children avoiding all the mistakes you made in those areas of life .
Our leadership community, LIFE has a ripple effect in the lives of our youth . The Edge series for teens opens their minds to the possibilities their culture doesn’t teach.
Just imagine your the truth messenger to a declining culture . Just recently I had a praise report of a women I loaned our purpose pack to who was challenged in her marriage . Yesterday she told me she decided to stick it out and work their differences ! That’s what our LIFE culture is about !
The LIFE Community

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LIFE Leadership



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